Frequently Asked Questions

Where does RTrack get it's data from?

RTrack data is collected from multiple sources, which include the Roblox API, and scraping content directly from the Roblox site itself. While the majority of the data we collect is publicly available, we also work with a select few partner games to collect anonymous user data. This is part of our initiative to bring accurate player analytics for games to RTrack without the need for an SDK.

Who is RTrack?

I thought up, designed, and developed RTrack from the ground up. The project was started in October 2019, though it's come a long way since then. Want to know more about who I am?

What other sites does RTrack run?

As RTrack has grown over time, new sites have been added to the RTrack family in order to appeal to different audiences and offer a variety of different services to users. Here's a full list of the RTrack family: - The site you're on right now. Analytics and tracking for Roblox games, and the Roblox platform. - User facing game pages, with user submitted game codes, comments, RTrack adjusted ratings, and game stats right on a user friendly page - Roblox user activity tracking & leaderboards for games and players

I want to see specific data that isn't shown on any of the membership plans, do you offer custom data?

Yes! If you have a specific query or have certain data in mind that you would like to see, contact us ( and if we have the data you want, we may be able to work something out. Please note that will RTrack never share data that contains personal information.

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